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Fyra FinCap is one of Oregon’s best accounting firms. Whether you need advice, help with your statements or guidance on your next business move, we are by your side.

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Decades of experience

Our team of bookkeepers will keep your company’s accounting books up to date. We work with numerous bookkeeping platforms, including QuickBooks, Wave, Xero and others.

At Fyra FinCap Accountant, we know how important experience is. We also know how critical it is to have someone in your corner who knows your unique situation. Too often, an accounting firm will have staff that doesn’t take the time to know you. Sure, they will do business with you and answer your questions before you pay. But once you do, where do they go? To them, you are little more than a number.

That’s why we value you as a person, and not just a customer. Your taxes are important to us because they are important to you. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will always take the time to go the extra mile. Among all the accounting firms in Oregon, we’re special. Our unique size enables us to answer the most complex of problems, yet provide personal attention to all our clients.

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We Will Fight as Hard as We Have to for Our Clients.

Professional bookkeeping constitutes an important requirement of effective financial management for every business, no matter which industry sector it operates in. When done efficiently, it ensures business growth and mitigates risks.

Fyra FinCap, a leading BPO with over 14 years of experience, provides value-added professional accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing services focused on the needs of your business. Our team of experienced accountants can work as a virtual back-office to your business, to deliver essential accounting and bookkeeping services in a cost-effective manner within a specific time frame. All business information will be kept secure and confidential.

We Will guide You Every Step Of The Way

We understand each client’s situation and then apply our knowledge of the changing tax rules to plan the best business and personal decisions. Our experts can efficiently prepare your tax return for filing your taxes correctly and on time. Financial Planning firm’s Services can be a great way to be aware of day-to-day changing in taxation laws.

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